The second interview in the "10 Minutes With..." feature is with inspiring "in-betweenie" fashion designer and business owner, Christine Kardashian.

"Christine Kardashian is dedicated to dressing confident, curvaceous women the world over..."

The label, Christine Kardashian, cleverly caters for women who fall in between a plus and straight size range.  Christine creates a classic, sophisticated look with quality versatile pieces.  And...I can say from personal experience that her clothes are a dream to wear!

Last December, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine and the honour of representing her brand on national television, modelling for The Morning Show on Channel Seven.  I wore the comfortable and flattering "Crepe Harem Pant" with the "Short Sleeved Peplum Top" in gorgeous Tangelo Orange (teamed with amazing, killer black and gold heels sourced by Christine, which I spent most of the morning practising in backstage!)

(Above: from Christine's Instagram profile @christinekardashian)

(Above: Myself and the other Models, Belinda, Jessica and Danielle with Christine and her lovely Mum backstage at The Morning Show.)

(Above: a couple of screen grabs from the appearance)

I had such a wonderful time meeting the lovely, warm, smart and savvy Christine and have kept up to date with her and her label ever since.  I was lucky enough to catch an interview from busy Christine about her current range, design inspiration and future plans...

1. Tell me a little bit about your brand, "Christine Kardashian". Are you any relation to the other Kardashians?

The Christine Kardashian label is a mid to high end womenswear line that specifically targets the 12 to 18 size range. Identified as "in-between", this is the average size of women around the world today and satisfies the gap between standard and plus size. The initial capsule collection, which consists of seven interchangeable pieces, is smart and sexy, feminine and flattering. More importantly, they can be coordinated together or with existing pieces in a woman’s wardrobe.

We believe there is a family link with the Hollywood Kardashians through our great grandparents and that our families were separated while fleeing Armenia during the genocide in 1915. I have met Kim and Khloe on their trips to Australia and on comparing photographs of our fathers; we agreed the resemblance between them is quite uncanny! Important to note though... despite the distant family connection, the Christine Kardashian label is an independent brand and not affiliated with or endorsed by the Kardashian Kollection brand or products.

2. How long have you been designing fashion? 

My love for fashion ignited from a young age and designing clothes is in my blood, from both sides the family. I have studied textile and design since high school and I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. My career in fashion started in a marketing capacity working with luxury brands, years later moving into public relations and starting my own business. Fashion was always in the back of mind and when I identified the gap for in-betweens, I thought I would start my own clothing line incorporating my fashion and business know-how. After two years of researching the market and making the necessary contacts in the industry, I launched the Christine Kardashian label in December 2012.

3. What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Classic with a touch of trend is my personal style... I like pieces that transcend seasons and I like to add a trend whether it is a colour, style or statement accessory. I am inspired by a range of things – I keep an eye on runway fashion, celebrity style and I love fashion from the past, from 50s to the 70s and some 80s. I love watching old Hollywood movies... women back then were so feminine and dressed like women.

4. Which fellow fashion designers inspire your work?

There are so many! I do love structure and tailoring and I love designs by Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Celine and Gucci to name a few. On the Aussie front, I adore the work of Dion Lee and Josh Goot, I also like Scanlan&Theodore pieces, and I am inspired especially by the business savvy of sass & bide.

6. If you could collaborate with any other artist/designer who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with gorgeous soul singer Adele! She has really embraced her classic, retro style and always looks like a lady in elegant dresses and evening gowns. It would be great to see her incorporate some smart tailored looks, particularly blazers and pants, and I would be keen to work on some looks with her (and for her!)

7. If you could choose one well known person (living or dead) to represent you as the face of Christine Kardashian, who would best encapsulate your brand and why?

Oprah Winfrey – she is an inspiration and a just a legend! She has fought adversity and come out the other end an amazing woman. She has also gone through the ups and downs that a lot of us women have with our weight and seems to be her happiest in-between – which is exactly where my clothing line fits! I really think she would make my clothes look fabulous and relatable to so many women.

8. Describe your personal fashion style in 3 words and describe your favourite outfit at the moment.

1) Classic; 2) Smart; 3) Unusual

My favourite outfit at the moment is a pair of straight leg jeans with a blazer and killer stilettos!

9. What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on the next range for Christine Kardashian – it will be another ‘capsule’ collection of beautifully tailored pieces that are interchangeable and can be coordinated with items from our previous season or with existing pieces in your wardrobe. My mantra is to invest in classic pieces – to buy better, buy less and you’ll end up with more to wear!

10. Describe your ultimate career dream.

My ultimate career dream would be to continue to expand the range and really just make a great living from the Christine Kardashian line. I would love to be financially independent so that my father could retire and I can look after my parents while doing what I love. 

Thank you so much, to Christine for her time!  This idea of catering to the 12-18 size range is so clever and unique.  I really love this mantra of "buy better, buy less", investing in quality rather than quantity when buying clothes and ultimately you have more to wear! Such aspirational fashion advice.  
I love the choice of Oprah Winfrey as the face of the label too.  I would love to see Oprah and Adele sporting pieces from Christine's range.

To set yourself up with Christine's classic and quality pieces go to-

...and be sure to like the label's page on Facebook - 

I wish Christine all the best with her label and thank her again for her generous and insightful answers during "10 Minutes With..." 
- LLV xx

(All campaign images copyright Christine Kardashian and feature the beautiful fellow Bella Model, Mercy! Love these images)

11th June, 2013

It is my pleasure to introduce the first of my new feature "10 Minutes With..." 
I will be interviewing inspiring artists and creators, asking them 10 quick questions to gain an insight into their processes, influences and personal style.  

The first of these features is the talented Ruby Seaward of Ruby Seaward Jewellery.  

-10 Minutes with Ruby Seaward-

Recently, a dear friend of mine, Gabrielle, had a lovely Garden Party celebration for her Birthday.  I noticed on her hand, the most darling, delicate silver ring embossed with a sweet and feminine flower design.  A Birthday gift.  It was designed by Ruby Seaward, an Australian jewellery creator living in Berlin.  Lucky Gabrielle also received another two pieces of Ruby Seaward Jewellery from her partner during the cake cutting ceremony; a pair of dainty pyramid shaped stud earrings and a beautiful handmade chain with a French acorn shaped crystal pendant which once hung from a Parisian chandelier or candelabra.  Subtle, special, feminine and simply gorgeous!  


    "Sweet and understated, Ruby Seaward is jewellery for keeps."

1. How long have you been designing and making jewellery?

I studied jewellery and object design at university. While I was at uni, I made small pieces for myself and friends, as well as some commission work. I launched my label, Ruby Seaward, in late 2012, just before heading overseas to Turkey and France, and finally settling in Berlin.

2. What is the inspiration behind your work?

I’m really interested in finding and making little connections between seemingly unrelated things that I encounter in my day to day life. My collections reflect what I’m reading, seeing, listening to, and ideas that I’m engaging with at the time, along with the research tangents that these send me on. I’m always tickled by what I find, and often wonder what I’m missing.

My latest range, Posie, is very much an example of this. I stayed in Paris for a few weeks late last year. I found several stunning old chandelier and candelabra crystals, as well as a vintage floral stamp. I also started reading Antonia Fraser’s biography of Marie Antoinette, where I discovered that Marie Antoinette’s mother, Maria Teresa, was so in awe of the chandeliers of Versailles, she took the style back with her to Austria, adapted it, and hence we have the name for one of the most popular chandelier styles today: the Maria Theresa. Marie Antoinette aficionados will notice that the crystal pendants from Posie range are all named after members of her family.

There is also the story of Marie Antoinette’s intimate friendship with the seriously handsome Swedish Count, Axel von Fersen. It’s said that Marie Antoinette gave Fersen a ‘posie ring’ inscribed with the message Tutto a te mi Guida (all things lead me to you). A posie ring is a style of ring that features some sort of romantic message and is exchanged between lovers. Using the vintage floral stamp, I made my own version of a posie ring, using a posy emblem (I also can’t resist puns!). 

3. Do you create commissioned work?

Absolutely! I can customise an existing design for a client or make something completely unique. I especially love designing a piece for a specific event.

4. How many of each piece exists?

It really depends - most pieces are made to order but, for example, my Posie crystal pendants are all one of a kind. I spent hours trawling through draws of chandelier and candelabra crystals to find the perfect ones. And by perfect I mean those that were obviously hand cut and showed imperfections, small chips and cracks, that give you the sense that these have some real history.

5.  Are there other jewellery designers who inspire you and your work?

I try not to look too much at other jewellery designers’ work for inspiration - I think you open yourself up to the possibility of your work becoming  unconsciously derivative.

6.  If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

I recently went to a really interesting exhibition of jewellery made by 20th and 21st century artists – Bijoux d’Artistes. There were some really remarkable pieces by the likes on Man Ray, Giacometti, and Louise Bourgeois, but I have to say I really dug Yoko Ono’s contributions. They were bold and had a soft geometry about them, as well as being very wearable. I saw recently that Yoko’s in a bit of hot water around her Opening Ceremony collaboration and has been accused of plagiarism, so maybe not such a great idea after all!

7.  If you could choose one well known person (living or dead) to represent you as the face of Ruby Seaward Jewellery, who would best encapsulate your brand and why?

There’s a particular photograph of Jane Birkin that I often refer back to. Her hair looks like it has naturally dried and she’s wearing a plain dark t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a few simple pendants hanging over the top her t-shirt. I love the casual elegance of her style, especially as captured in this photo. Jane was beautiful then and is just as beautiful now. I’d also throw in her two gorgeous girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, to boot!

8. Describe your personal fashion style in 3 words.

Cinched at-the waist!  

(LLV loves this answer! Perfect!)

9. What is living in Berlin like for an artist and creator?

For starters, it’s a lot more affordable to live than Australia! There are some very impressive and established design museums here to get you inspired, such as the Bauhuas Museum and Mies van der Rohe House, as well as some really interesting smaller spaces. Again, I think this all comes down to the affordability of Berlin, allowing young and new businesses thrive.

There is also a vibrant hand-made and design market scene in Berlin, so there are opportunities to get you work out there. I will be showing at one such market, Voodoo, later this month. I'm very much looking forward to it!

10. Describe the most special piece of jewellery you own.

My most precious piece of jewellery is a bracelet with heart locket and a Bluebird of Happiness given to me when I was a baby by my maternal grandma. While it’s a beautiful piece of jewellery in itself and I cherish it because it was given to me by my grandmother, there’s another story in the locket that makes it that much more special: Grandma gave one to my mum when she was a little’un and also to my sister. The Bluebird of Happiness was a wish from Grandma for our futures. My sister is due to have her first baby, a girl, in July, when we will continue our little family tradition.

A heartfelt thank you to Ruby for being involved in the very first of this new feature "10 Minutes With..." on Lauren Leigh Valentine!
All jewellery images are taken from the Ruby Seaward Jewellery website and Facebook pages which can be found here:


And... be sure to follow Ruby on Instagram: rubyseawardjewellery

These beautiful pieces and more can be ordered online via the website and are shipped free of charge to Australia and Germany! 

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