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Lauren Leigh Valentine offers the following style services:

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1. Personal Shopping.

Do you get overwhelmed in shopping centres and fitting rooms? Following a short consultation,  LLV comes up with an action plan for your new wardrobe! LLV can accompany you on a shopping adventure to assist you in finding the right styles for your body shape, inspire you to try new things on and keep you on track to finding what it is you were originally looking for, staying within your elected budget.    

Alternatively, LLV can pick up items for you if you don't have the time to shop.  
Change your clothes, change your life!

2. Wardrobe Overhaul.

Are you constantly plagued with the "nothing to wear" curse yet see an overflowing wardrobe of clothes in front of you?  LLV can combat your wardrobe woes and help you sort through years of unworn clothing working out what stays and what needs to go.  You will learn new ways of wearing older items,  have several new outfits created for you and make room for some wardrobe updates.  Refresh your wardrobe, refresh your life! 

3. Outfit Styling.

Do you have an event coming up? Do you have something in mind but need help making your idea a reality?  Do you have no clue what suits you and want to try something new? Sick of always wearing the same styles and want to shake things up a bit?  LLV can assist in sourcing and styling an outfit for a particular event, creating a complete head to toe look on your elected budget.

Lauren is currently based in Melbourne Australia, so Wardrobe Overhaul and Personal Shopping style services are limited to Melbourne clients currently.  However, Outfit Styling services are available to everyone!

For a quote on any of these services please email:

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