Saturday, 15 June 2013

Style Diary: Cara Delevingne Style

A lovely mate of mine, Kathleen, recently sent me the following images of supermodel and style icon Cara Delevingne...

... and asked me; "How do I do this but not look like a man?"

The short answer is... "Confidence".  Cara Delevingne is known for her quirky, androgynous and brave street style choices.  It certainly helps that she is 5'9, built like a glorious beanpole and is one of the most in demand supermodels in the world right now!  You're probably thinking, "She can wear what she likes!!"  But the truth of the matter is that you can too.  Yes, you!  Anything can work when pieced together correctly in balance with other items and worn with CONFIDENCE.

As a rule I would say, team the masculine pieces with a hint of the feminine.  For example, if you are going to wear a man style beanie or baseball cap, make sure those luscious locks are out, styled and looking fabulous.  If you are going to wear a baggy t-shirt, oversized denim or tartan shirt or loose camo pieces, make sure whatever is on the bottom of the outfit is streamline and shows off your womanly curves like fitted leather pants, high-waisted jeans or even a pencil skirt.  If in doubt, when wearing an androgynous style outfit, you can always slap on a bright lip if you feel the need to balance the look.  

As requested by Kathleen, inspired by the photos she sent me, I have put together the above Cara looks in an affordable way:

Cara Style No. 1

T-Shirt: Target $16
Beanie: Bardot $17
Trainers: TopShop $125
Jeans: Tokyo Laundry Online $29
Varsity Jacket: TopShop $75
Sunglasses: Asos $18

Cara Style No. 2

Tartan Shirt: Cotton On $20
Denim Shirt: Nelly Online $49
Boots: Target $55
Camo Jacket: TopShop $135
Tuxedo Shorts: Bardot $50 
Beanie: Patagonia $29

Cara Style No. 3

Jeans: Cheap Monday $90
Biker Jacket: Bardot $120
Boots: Asos $105
T-Shirt: Cotton On $20

Cara Style No. 4

Belt: Asos $32
Bag: Forever 21 Online $31
Leather Pants: Ksubi $70
Boots: Nasty Gal $190
T-Shirt: Zara $25
Tartan Jacket: Vintage
(the best way to get your hands on a tartan jacket, coat or cape is to buy vintage, this one is from Etsy)

Cara Style No. 5

Boots: TopShop $230
Jeans: TopShop $84
Bag: Urban Outfitters $42
Coat: Bardot $99
T-Shirt: Supreme $42

And some more sourced Cara inspiration for your weekend...

LLV xx