Sunday, 5 May 2013

Style Diary Day 18: White Shirts

This week is Ovarian Cancer Research week.  Such an important cause supported by women's label, Witchery.  100% of the gross proceeds of their beautiful range of white shirts go towards supporting ovarian cancer research.  This is another amazing reason to wear such a timeless, classic piece: the white shirt.

Some of the adorable Witchery staff on Wednesday.  
(photo credit to the gorgeous Jasmine)

Witchery's White Shirt campaign featuring well-known celebrities and models:

Here are some street style images I sourced featuring the White Shirt as a key piece.  Note: I found so many "blog-worthy"photographs... these are merely a featured tip of the iceberg-

LLV styles the White Shirt....

1. Evening Glam

 2. Daytime Casual

3. Feminine Flounce

4. Androgynous Chic

To suggest more white shirt styling themes for LLV to interpret please email or comment below...

LLV xxx

ps. apologies for the lateness of this post. I hope it was worth the wait ;)

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