Monday, 6 May 2013

Style Diary Day 19: Bridesmaids

What my future bridesmaids will one day wear is often on my mind.  Not that it will happen any time soon, but it's fun to dream.  There are so many directions to go with this important look for your special day that will be captured in photographs forever...

Personally, I am moving further and further away from the traditional idea of having bridesmaids in identical dresses.  I would want my girls to feel comfortable in what they are wearing and everyone knows that there are certain styles that suit their body shape more than others.  I would also want my ladies in dresses that don't match too perfectly.  I'd prefer to choose a concept or theme and work the dresses into that framework.  

Here are some possible directions I've put together with future bridesmaids in mind...

This look is inspired by 1950s silhouettes, vintage floral prints and a daytime garden wedding vibe.  The four floral prints can are tied together by a similar colour scheme of blues, golds and white.  The outfits are also tied in together with a tan leather belt and patent tan ballet flats which create a feminine, casual look perfect for a daytime ceremony.

This look, I must admit, is inspired by the amazing gowns worn by "Samantha", "Charlotte" and "Miranda" in the Sex & the City movie... guilty!  Being bold with block colour can look really amazing when paired with really simple accessories and a bouquet that ties the colour scheme together.  Different shaped gowns will suit different body shapes in the wedding party.

A beautifully feminine look tied together with different hues of perfect pastels.  If I was going to go with pink for my ladies... it would never be TOO pink.  The tan sandals tone down the super sweetness of this look and a bouquet of wild flowers adds to the casual charm of this look.  I would pair each gown with a different fur stole, capelet or cropped jacket in neutral tones and some champagne coloured jewel studs.

It would be a dream to help style for a wedding!
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